Computing lessons introduce pupils to the skills needed to use ICT responsibly in real world situations at work and at home.  In lessons, students cover the following strands of the ICT Functional Skills curriculum:

1.     Using ICT
2.     Finding & Selecting Information
3.     Developing, Presenting and Communicating Information.

All pupils are encouraged to take an interest in more practical based aspects of the Computing curriculum by incorporating the following topics that interest young people:

a)    Photo Editing
b)    Movie Making
c)    Sound Recording

Parts of the Level 1 Functional Skills qualifications are delivered from KS3 in Years 7-9.  The actual exam is taken in KS4 in Years 10-11. When the students’ PASS they can qualify for the Level 2 ICT exam.  The ICT Functional Skills syllabus covers the basic computer skills needed to function in the modern work place environment.

In Year 10, we have introduced elements of AQA GCSE Computer Science into the curriculum with an aim to implement the full qualification in lessons for the future.