The Smart Centre Induction Programme takes place usually over a 2 week period in which students are assessed academically, socially, emotionally and behaviourally.

Assessments completed include: Smart centre Interview, AlfieCloud (online assessment tool for English, Mathematics and Science); Language and Communication (BLANKs) Levels; York Assessment for Reading for Comprehension; Vernons Spelling assessment; Pupils Attitude to Self and School profile – PASS (providing insight into attitudes that could be hindering achievement).

There is also valuable work done in 1-1 and small group work in the ‘Emotional Aspects of Learning and Exclusion’ and through discussion, concepts such as Self Esteem, Empathy, Emotional Literacy, Locus of Control and Stress Management are explored and targets set.  Students complete a video presentation for staff by way of introducing themselves before going onto timetable.

The results and observations from the Induction Programme are compiled into a profile called the ‘At A Glance’, which is accessible to all staff, to help with teacher planning and behaviour management.