Student Council

Student Council is a key component to the functioning of The Smart Centre, bringing together student leaders and the hardest workers of the student body with staff.

The philosophy of Student Council is “that it is an organisation of students who hold the common interest of serving as the driving forces in upholding and increasing school spirit, helping their fellow students and allowing members a chance to develop and use leadership skills in both the school and community.”

It is the fact that students engage each other in these skill-sets that establish the fundamental groundwork that is “student” government.

There are staff members that are involved; however, they take minor roles. Students are elected through an election campaign, as well as the lead staff member.

By being completely run by students, Student Council teaches various lessons in time management, leadership and efficiency.

So far our school council has improved school lunches, voted to improve the centre’s dress code, sat on the interview panel for recruiting new staff.

Student Council Election Speeches 2017
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