MMES Curriculum

Within the MMES

Key stage four students who attend the MMES from September 2017 will be offered the Core curriculum taught by specialist teachers:

English Language and English Literature are two separate GCSE’s. English Language will be studied, English Literature is optional and we are currently working with AQA examining board.

Maths is following the EDEXCEL curriculum

Science is following the AQA trilogy GCSE.  This is a double award, worth two GCSE’s

We also offer Functional Skills ICT, GCSE Art and RS

We follow the subject curriculum throughout the year, but  small group sizes ensures individualised attention and time for catching up any missed work

Our timetable also provides for a weekly double session of PSHE with a specialist teacher and a session of PE/cookery/transition to college/ study skills work. We also offer Pilates, Hair and Beauty and Boxing.

Home tuition

MMES also provides Home tuition for students aged between 5-16 who are off school because of a medical condition. We liaise closely with the main school and provide interim home tuition in the core subjects to ensure that when the student is physically able to go back to school, they will still be on a par with their peers in the core curriculum.  Depending upon the level of need, MMES can help the student back into their classes, providing support and advice for the child, family and school.


We also provide a reintegration service for students who have difficulty in attending school.  This runs to the end of Key Stage three, (year 9).  Students will be offered minimal home tuition, the work instead, is centred on reintegration back into their mainstream school.  We can offer intensive support for half a term, tailored to the child’s need. This may involve graded exposure therapy, CBT, a designated keyworker and home tuition.

All our work is centred on the needs of the individual child.  We are committed to ensuring the students in our care receive all the support they need to move on: into mainstream school or onto apprenticeships and/or college.