School Logo

Melrose LogoBackground

Melrose School has not had an official logo until now, but past school reports have included a red rose on the cover and the staff and pupils of Melrose had unofficially adopted the rose into their affections.  In reality Melrose School has no connection with a rose; the original school building was located in Melrose Avenue and took its name from there.  Melrose is of course a place in Scotland famous for its gothic abbey ruins, as well as a bright red variety of eating apple popular in America and a variety of tulip; pink with white edges.


When the pupils and members of Staff at Melrose School were asked to contribute their ideas for a new logo, as part of an ICT competition, three main themes emerged: the rose, the letter M and “helping” hands.  Grebot Donnelly Associates approached the School at this point and took these and other ideas on to arrive at versions of the new logo for Melrose to decide upon.  Eventually, a strong and simple version was chosen, with the same colour scheme used on the School’s new website, which had itself been taken from the familiar colours used around the School’s own buildings.

Features of the Logo

Rosicrucian Form: the overall shape of the logo incorporates the rose theme in the petals and the letter M in the grey crossed curves.

Helping Hands: each of the blue petals is formed by two human hands.  Pupils and staff at the School identified caring, support and nurture as important themes they wanted to see represented in the logo.

Colour Scheme: these colours are the familiar colours used in the School’s building and website; strong but calm.